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Support Staff

Support Staff

We have a dedicated team of support staff who work in close partnership with the teachers to provide assistance in the classroom in a variety of ways, with the aim of improving the learning outcomes for children.

Support staff undertake various duties including:

  • offering emotional support and positive encouragement to all children to help them become confident and independent learners;
  • providing individually tailored support to enable children with additional needs to access the curriculum fully (e.g following a physiotherapy or speech therapy programme with a child);
  • providing small group supervision and support within the classroom;
  • Providing a specific intervention programme to support children who need to work on a particular issue;
  • offering additional opportunities for children to practise reading;
  • providing lunchtime and break time supervision and support;
  • assisting with the preparation of or presentation of children’s work (e.g. photocopying and making displays);
  • liaison with parents and carers.

Mrs. Bamford

Mrs. Mair

Miss Gaskill

Mrs Fowler

Mrs Finch

Mrs. Barker

Mrs. Makinson

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs Waite

Mrs McClarty

Mrs Shar Blake

Family Support Worker

Mrs Casey

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