4 May 2020

One ship that links four nations, spans 400 years of history and connects millions of people.

From November 2019, an ambitious commemoration will mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s pioneering voyage, telling the story of a ship and its passengers - a group of people that a remarkable 30million+ US citizens have descended from.

It will include a creative, inspiring and unforgettable series of events - from breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime festivals to grand, thought-provoking artistic installations and a vast network of community events.

It's the world's biggest family reunion - and you're invited.

In England, the commemoration focuses on the key towns and cities that make up the national Mayflower trail.

Who were the Pilgrims?

The Mayflower story begins with the origins of the people who became known as the Pilgrims - the passengers on the Mayflower. They boarded the Mayflower in Plymouth UK in 1620 and against great odds crossed the Atlantic to reach what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts.

But their story starts with the beginnings of the Separatist movement in England, taking in a spell in Holland before the pioneering voyage. When these Separatists boarded the Mayflower they were joined by others known as 'Strangers', plus servants and the crew.


One man who accompanied the pilgrims on their Mayflower journey was Myles Standish.

ACTIVITY: Can you research Myles Standish and write 5 facts about him. Be careful to question your source.

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5 May 2020

1.He was a soldier in the Eighty Years war.
2.He and his wife did not believe in the Church of England.
3.They wanted to travel to the New World on a ship called the Mayflower.
4.He was born in 1584 in Lancashire.
5.He had two children.

6 May 2020

• Myles Standish has a road named after him next to Holy cross

• Myles Standish was born in 1584 in Great Britain, Lancashire.

• Myles Standish died in 1656 at the age of 72 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

•Myles Standish had two children called Josiah Standish and Loara Standish.

• Myles Standish was the captain of the mayflower.

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14 May 2020

Myles Standish - Five Facts

-The unknown place of his birth:
It is not known whether he was born in Lancashire (around Chorley) or the Isle of

-He sailed across the Atlantic on the Mayflower and helped establish the colony of
Plymouth, Massachusetts.

-He was one of the few who survived the first winter of his voyage.
It is said he cared for the sick during this time.
His first wife Rose died within this period.

-There is a poem named “The Courtship of Myles Standish and Other Poems

-He (with others) split off from the main settlement founding the town of Duxbury.
He lived here until he died on the 3rd October 1656.
He named the town after his inherited residence in the town of Chorley, called
Duxbury Hall.
There is now a monument in the town of his honor.

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22 May 2020


Myles Standish was in 1584 and died on 3rd of October 1656. Myles Standish died of "strangullion" or strangury, a condition often associated with kidney stones or bladder cancer. He was buried in Duxbury's Old Burying Ground, now known as the Myles Standish Cemetery.

Myles Standish married two people. The first wife he had was called Rose Standish, they had been married since 1618 -1621. In 1621 Rose died on the Mayflower.Then in 1624 Myles married Barbara Standish until 1656 when Myles died.

Mrs Beesley
8 June 2020

Thank you Year 6. Excellent research about Myles Standish.

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